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Fire Alarms

At CFS, we're industry leaders in the design, installation and maintenance of quality fire alarm systems. We provide tailored systems to enhance site security and ensure business continuity, with in-depth pre-installation surveys and discussions to ensure each environment gets a fire alarm system that's fit for purpose.

Safeguard Your Business with a Quality Fire Alarm System

A quality fire alarm system isn't just a luxury for peace of mind, it's a legal requirement and crucial addition to your business location. Ensure your workforce and assets are well protected with a bespoke solution when you choose CFS. Our systems are among some of the best available in the UK, leading the pack in early detection. If the worst case scenario does happen, our control room will immediately notify the emergency services and your on-site personnel, ensuring rapid response to the situation.

Cover Every Eventuality with a Superior Fire System

We've worked with some of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the UK and beyond. We're committed to delivering cutting-edge products and fire alarm systems so businesses can protect their personnel, assets and reputation. We understand no two businesses alike, so our professional team of engineers will ensure whatever system is decided upon is right for you. From simple alarm systems and fire extinguishers, to emergency lighting systems, our quality products will ensure the safety and security of your organisation.

Quality Fire Alarm Design and Installation

We understand that no two businesses are the same, which is why you can count on CFS to design and implement a fire safety system that's right for you. In addition to conventional fire alarms, we offer a range of products that'll take your systems to the next level. Our fire suppression systems can help protect high-risk environments like oil and gas locations, power stations, data centres and healthcare premises. We also offer complex smoke detection systems for early detection of fires, minimising risk and harm to your people and assets. For larger locations with complex layouts, we can also implement the latest in emergency lighting, integrating discreetly with your environments, offering indispensable support in the unlikely event of a serious emergency.

Superior Technologies and Services for Maximum Safety

Our fire safety services are accredited by third parties, setting new standards in excellence in BSI, BAFE and NSI. Here at CFS, we're also committed to pushing for new advancement and innovation in fire safety, exceeding industry expectations and delivering packages to our clients that go above and beyond the everyday. Our expert team are also some of the most qualified in the industry, on hand to deliver thorough risk assessment to help identify existing issues and take the right course of corrective action. What's more, our professional team of engineers are the go-to for preventative maintenance, ensuring the system you decide on enjoys as long an operating life as possible.

Need to discuss your fire alarm requirement further? Email the team at CFS today for more in-depth discussion. For general questions and queries, get in touch via, or drop us a note through the online form. For sales enquiries, contact us at Prefer to speak to someone in person? Call our team at head office today on 0844 801 2700.


(*vs a standard fire detection system)

Some of the UK’s most recognisable brands trust CFS fire alarm systems to protect their people, assets and ultimately their brand reputation