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Fire Risk Assessments

When it comes to safeguarding your business, fire risk assessment is crucial. While any appointed Responsible Person (RP) can undertake review and inspection, it pays to invest in a third-party to provide proper insights and suggestions on how to bolster your safety precautions and ensure you're operating well within regulation. At CFS, we offer a host of fire safety training services and products to reduce the risk of fire and protect your premises and personnel should the worst happen.

Do I Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

In accordance with the Fire Safety Order 2005, it's a legal requirement that every premises where individuals work undertake a regular risk assessment. Although there's no fixed guidance on how often you need to perform a fire risk assessment, it's advised you review potential risks and perform any relevant actions at least once a year. For smaller businesses with less than five employees, fire risk assessments can be carried out by a designated ember of staff and no formal reporting needs to be filed. Additionally, if your business premises has seen no major changes since your last inspection and assessment, it's acceptable for a member of staff to continue to perform further reviews, even if a different organisation performed the initial inspection. To ensure your team know what to look out for and have adequately safeguarded your business against risk, it's advised you invest in the proper training. At CFS, we deliver a range of training services and courses to clients of all sizes, helping ensure every possible eventuality is considered and all the required actions are taken.

How is a Fire Risk Assessment Performed?

A good insight into the fire tetrahedron and the most common sources of ignition and causes of fire are crucial when performing a risk assessment. To be as thorough as possible, it's best to separate the area that's being assesses into clear divisions, whether that's particular rooms, floors or more general spaces. A general description and overview of the entire premises is required to carry out a proper assessment, detailing construction details, the approximate age of the building, hours of use, total number of employees present at any one time and the number of floors, staircases and entrance/exit points. Details of current fire safety systems present should also be included. If there are areas without adequate systems in place, reasons for this should be provided.

Plan drawings are also useful to include in fire risk assessment, outlining escape routes, number of exits and staircases, any fire resisting doors, walls and partitions, and places of safety within the premises itself. Carrying out the assessment itself needs to identify fire hazards within every room, floor and specific area of the premises. This includes identifying ignition sources and fuel sources. Some fire risks can be immediately resolved by making adjustments to current work flow and work processes. A proper assessment will also provide insight into structural features, and how these could promote the spread of fire. Certain issues can be resolved by installing fire safety systems, but further renovation and restructuring might be recommended.

Your Go-To for Fire Risk Assessment

Here at CFS, we're experts in fire risk assessment. We'll provide thorough inspection and assessment to ensure you're operating completely within regulation, with instantaneous feedback and guidance to help you get back on track if you fall foul of requirement. What's more, our team utilise the latest technology to perform al assessments, with instant uploads of our findings so you can access your records in real time. This way, you'll be able to start working on any actions required immediately, helping you stay compliant and exceeding the minimum FSO requirement. Although many smaller businesses tend to take on the job of fire risk assessment and review themselves, larger buildings and more complicated spaces can require more in-depth inspection and expertise. At CFS, our team can provide a third-party solution to highlight all the potential dangers and obstacles your premises might be facing. We'll provide a thorough list of actions required and steps to take, with an in-depth checklist of things to consider in the future should you decide to handle subsequent assessment yourself.


If you're after total peace of mind, why not get in touch with the team at CFS today to discuss how we can help you carry out an in-depth fire risk assessment to safeguard your business, assets and employees. We offer a range of services, from training courses to third-party inspection and assessment to clients across London and throughout the UK. Email the team at: or drop us a message via the online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our representatives straight away by calling: 0844 801 2700.