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Fire Safety Training

Here at CFS, we offer a wide range of training services to business owners and commercial entities looking to arm themselves with the know-how required to comply with fire safety regulations. Ensure you and your team are fully prepared for unforeseen emergencies, with industry-leading insights and top-flight fire safety education that can not only protect your assets, but potentially save lives.

Why Fire Safety Training is Important

If you're a business owner with their own commercial property, or manage or control a business premises, it's your obligation, by law, to protect everyone who works and resides within said premises. This responsibility goes beyond the fundamentals of health and safety. One of the most crucial areas you'll need to focus on is fire safety training. This commonly involves fire risk assessment and identifying potential hazards in the work environment, then following up findings and conclusions with appropriate actions.

Benefit Your Business with Fire Safety Training

Should the worst happen and you experience an emergency at your workplace, your biggest priority should be evacuating your personnel from the premises as quickly as possible. Our training packages are designed to educate you and your personnel on everything from the best evacuation procedures, to how handle extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment. We also offer higher-level courses for more involved fire safety training, which can count towards CPD and professional development programmes. An ideal choice if you're looking to safeguard your staff and assets, while developing your personnel at the same time.

Expert Training Teams with Unrivalled Knowledge

Quality fire safety training requires more than a thorough syllabus. At CFS, we've cherry-picked passionate professionals who can really connect with an audience, enriching fire safety training and ensuring your employees walk away with all the knowledge required for a safer, more secure workplace. Our expert training team boasts an in-depth knowledge of the fire safety, with some of our professionals having served in training and education roles for more than 30 years.

Quality Fire Safety Training Services

CFS offer a range of fire safety training packages, designed to accommodate the individual needs of businesses. Keep yourself in line with regulations with a broad range of sessions, designed to get you and your appointed personnel up to speed on the fundamentals of fire safety in the workplace. In addition to on-site practical training and introductions to the different classes of fire, we offer training to staff on how to handle extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment, in addition to more advanced training involving other extinguishing media and fire suppression systems.

If you're interested in arranging fire safety training for your workforce, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at CFS today. Speak to our representatives about introductory training, or arrange more advanced packages if you're looking to develop pre-existing knowledge. Our higher-level courses can be tailored to your individual requirements, while we're fully flexible in arranging bespoke training syllabuses to best fit the needs of your organisation and work environment. Drop us a note via the online enquiry form, or get in touch with your questions via email at If you need to speak to someone right this minute, give our head office a call on 0844 801 2700.

CFS offer Fire Safety Training as a stand-alone service, or as part of a more comprehensive package of life safety systems