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Aspirating Smoke Detection

When it comes to safeguarding your premises against the threat of fire, there's only so much that conventional detection systems can do. If you're serious about taking your safety measures to the next level, high sensitivity smoke detectors are the way forward. Aspirating Smoke Detection, otherwise known as Air Sampling Detection, helps identify fire at the earliest possible opportunity. Often, these systems can detect outbreaks in their initial stages, before smoke develops and fire occurs.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection

At CFS, we're specialists in superior fire protection products and services. Unlike conventional smoke and fire alarms, aspiration smoke detection systems detect fires almost immediately. Most systems draw air into a high-sensitivity chamber, identifying subtle changes in air composition to look for indicators of smoke and fire. We offer a range of refined systems that can differentiate between benign signatures in the air and genuine indicators of smoke. These systems are ideal if you're concerned about costly work stoppage caused by a false alarm, or if you work in environments where conventional fire alarms are likely to be triggered by everyday factors.

The Ideal Choice for High-Risk Applications

An aspirating smoke detection system is the ideal choice if you're working in a high-risk environment, or if you're looking to safeguard mission-critical facilities. We offer a range of versatile systems that can be integrated with your existing control panels, without the need for extra hardware and equipment. Our smoke detection systems can be utilised in almost any environment, from warehousing and logistics centres, to data centres housing high-value assets. Smoke and fire damage is not only a risk to your personnel and physical assets, the associated downtime with an outbreak can derail your business.

Quality Design and Expert Installation

Here at CFS, our expertise in fire prevention and detection is unparalleled. Not only do we offer a superior pick of fire and smoke detection and prevention products, our team is made up of some of the most professional engineers and specialists in the business. Once you've decided on CFS to help you overhaul your systems, we'll arrange an in-depth consultation to get a better idea of your business premises and provide you with the best pick of products and systems to fit your needs. What's more, our engineers are on hand to ensure your systems stay in tip-top condition for longer, with preventative maintenance measures as standard to ensure you're never caught short when it counts the most.

Get in Touch Today

Looking for more information about aspirating smoke detectors and other cutting-edge fire detection and prevention systems? It's time to speak to the team at CFS. We're on hand to offer you first-rate advice on the best systems for you, with a range of products and services including third-party inspections, training courses and assessments. We work with clients throughout London and the UK, from small businesses to big corporations. For more information, email the team at:, or drop us a message via the online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our friendly representatives straight away by calling our head office on: 0844 801 2700.

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