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Access Control

Access Control at CFS        


Access control refers to any system or mechanism that allows you to control entry and movement of people throughout your premises, bringing total security and safeguarding property. CFS provides exhaustive physical access control systems and solutions to help you secure and protect your premises, facilities, properties, networks, assets and cloud resources.

CFS can help you restrict and prevent access to sensitive or vulnerable areas, as well as eliminating opportunistic theft and personnel dishonesty. The following are just a selection of the different methods of controlling access to the various high-risk zones in your premises:

  • * Swipe Cards for Swipe Access Doors
  • * Proximity Cards
  • * Video Entry
  • * Biometric  Authentication
  • * Intercom
  • * CCTV
  • * Gates and Barriers
  • * Multi-factor PKI Authentication
  • * Network Security
  • * Visitor Management
  • * ID Badge Printing
  • * Mobile Access

 Access control systems may be controlled and operated from a central computer where they can, for example, operate well over a thousand doors, meaning they can be used to control and protect even the largest of facilities. Also, they can be connected to remote sites using internet technology.

Furthermore, they can be fully integrated with points of entry (doors, gates, turnstiles), as well as plants, equipment, parking control and management systems for entire buildings.

 Using programming and recording features, they can also help you to:

  • * Look into exactly how all access points are currently being used, and by whom
  • * Program it so that access is time-controlled and possible only at certain times of the day
  • * Program a range of different levels of access for people with a variety of different roles
  • * Rescind or alter personnel access permissions
  • * Monitor and evaluate emergency evacuations
  • * Monitor attendance and punctuality
  • * Set up closing and locking devices such as electronic releases, magnetic holds, powered door closing systems and mechanical digital locks

 The range of things you can achieve with effective access control systems is extensive. For example, you can:

  • * Identify exactly who is in your building. Be fully aware of everyone who is on your premises or in your facility. Decide how much access you want to give them and make sure that you are meeting legal compliance objectives.
  •  * Ensure a safe and secure environment for staff, visitors and contractors alike. CFS access control systems allow you to protect not only people, but also facilities, assets and networks.
  •  * Protect your most highly secure or high-risk areas. We are very conscious of the fact that you may have highly sensitive data or networks, as well as some high value assets, and these things need protecting.

 CFS are highly experienced in the development of powerful authentication systems for physical access solutions. We are relied upon by high-value, high-security organisations that require a particularly level of privacy and protection.

 Our team of multi-skilled, qualified fire and security professionals also have an in-depth knowledge of important regulatory and statutory requirements surrounding security and access control systems including:

  • BS EN 50133-1:1997 System requirements for access control systems, British Standards
  • BS EN 50133-2:2000 Component requirements for access control systems, British Standards
  • BS EN 50133-7:1999 Application guidelines for access control systems, British Standards
  • IEE Wiring Regulations (latest edition)
  • NCP 109 NSI Code of Practice for Planning, Installation and Maintenance of Access Control Systems, NSI and
  • SSAIB Code of Practice for Access Control Systems, SSAIB.

 Our access control systems and identity management solutions can be designed around your specific requirements. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help keep you and your business safe and sound.

CFS access control installation and maintenance is available as a stand-alone service, or as part of a combined package of industry leading life safety systems