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When you choose CFS to handle your CCTV installation, you can be certain we will recommend for you a system that delivers unbeatable levels of protection and value for you and your business or  home. CFS are NSI-gold certified for CCTV installation. Our dedicated and highly experienced CCTV installation engineers not only have the standard industry qualifications, but they also receive training specific to a range of the best quality products from global leaders such as Bosch,  Pelco, Cortech, ISM Genesys, TDSI, Synectics, FLIR® and Dedicated Micros.

We also provide the most technologically advanced and up-to-date access control software that combines state of the art security technology with highly innovative networking possibilities, resulting in comprehensive security solutions that are able to serve and protect any business location or premises, or any size facility or private property.

But maybe you're not even sure if you need CCTV or access control systems for your business? Here are a few facts about CCTV that might help you make up your mind.

Why do you need CCTV for your business?

CCTV is the Perfect Deterrent. The mere sight of CCTV cameras on or around your business premises or property is very often enough to scare away the vast majority of burglars. This is particularly significant for small businesses and SMEs, as they are the ones most commonly targeted.

CCTV is Unbeatable. Breaking into a premises or property that has CCTV surveillance protection and then simply evading the gaze of the various expertly placed and installed cameras is simply not possible. It may happen in Hollywood films, but in real life, not even a ninja could evade the all-seeing eyes of your system. Correctly installed CCTV systems, with multiple devices covering one anothers blind spots as well as keeping a close eye on the most vulnerable spots on your premises and property, are well-nigh impenetrable.

Remote Surveillance. CCTV surveillance systems are great for keeping an on your property or offices remotely and in real time. Of course, as well as threats to your company coming from outside, CCTV also keeps you abreast of any unacceptable behavior on the part of your employees, for whom it also acts as an efficient deterrent. CCTV surveillance systems have been known to significantly increase productivity and staff efficiency.

Every business, large or small, has areas of vulnerability such as high security spaces used to store sensitive data, or any place where cash or other valuable assets are kept. CCTV security systems allow you to keep these areas watched at all times so that they are always protected, and in the event that any crime in committed, they will make sure you have the evidence to see that justice is done.

The wide variety of options available mean that you can plump for dome cameras, bullet cameras, box cameras, turret cameras, PTZ cameras or vandal-proof cameras. You also have choices of video quality; whether you want day or night vision, or both; different lenses; whether you want an online video feed and so on.

In choosing CFS for your CCTV installation project, you can be sure that the system recommended delivers the best possible protection and value for money for your business. CFS are an NSI gold certified organisation for CCTV installation. We are investors in people, and lead the marketplace when it comes to the training and continuing professional development of all of our employees. As well as industry standard qualifications, our CCTV installation engineers all receive product specific training from brand leaders such as


At CFS, we are very happy to offer you any combination of CCTV surveillance features and services, so get in touch today to discuss what your business needs in more detail.